4-Keys To A Thriving Business Post Covid-19
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4-Keys To A Thriving Business Post Covid-19
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“It feels like it did after the Great Depression,” my mother quietly mutters as she stares at the TV.

In her 93 years she’s seen a thing or two and like most of us, she is left processing what seemed almost unimaginable. Travel has come to a halt, entire economies have stumbled, and local businesses and schools have been forced to close their doors. The coronavirus (Covid-19) in one way or another has impacted us all and left us wondering when will things get back to normal?

And as I take it all in and dissect the past couple of months, I begin to realize life simply won’t be the same as it once was. I won’t be the same. Yes, of course, life will go on and l look forward to a bright future, but this pandemic has altered the way I do things. Good and bad, this lockdown has opened my eyes.

For starters, how close is too close when I’m around other people? Will I continue shaking people’s hands? Will I continue to go to basketball games and movie theaters? What about shopping? Is it necessary to waste time going to the store when I can just have it delivered? What about all the things I’ve bought over the years or the services I pay for? Will I still spend money on them after the lockdown showed me I don’t really need them?

If I changed, undoubtedly, my customers will have changed as well. What will they expect from my business moving forward? The novel coronavirus pandemic is a world-changing event - a kind of turning point in history. If my business was to have any chance of succeeding post covid-19, I knew I needed to get out front of the situation. I decided to turn to fellow business owners for further insight, and in doing so, I began noticing 4 common denominators. Four changes they were witnessing and how they were evolving so their businesses could thrive post coronavirus (Covid-19). 

Confidence Shattering
As much as we want them to, especially our regulars, they won’t come piling in all at once. Their confidence has been shattered. Many consumers have seen major shipping delays and canceled orders even by some of the biggest suppliers. Others have encountered poor service due to companies attempting to make quick fixes during the crisis. Of course you and I can understand their attempts, but consumers have been left with doubt nonetheless. To make things even worse, majority of people are relying on reduced incomes resulting in a marketplace where consumers are very weary of giving any business the dollars they do have. 

As business owners, whether product or service based, we must go on the offensive to let our customers know what they can expect from us. We must utilize customer email lists, text message campaigns, social media and our websites to let them know what they can expect from us when they buy online or in store. Our customers need to know not only about the strength of our operation, but what is at the forefront of all our minds- cleanliness and germs. We must communicate all the extra precautions we’re taking to sanitize facilities and/or products. We must let them know that we are concerned about their well-being.

They’re Watching You
With so many businesses shutting down that last couple of months consumers have had time to shop around and do their research. Many may have found more convenient locations, better online alternatives, better pricing and even realized they can live without certain products or services. A scary thought indeed, but this is when our online presence and marketing strategy must be at its very best.

Start by taking inventory of your website and social media accounts and give yourself an online makeover as needed. Make sure you’re showing your customers what your business is all about, but more so, how much value you can bring to them and at a level they can appreciate. Include reviews on your website, visible security, notes about cleanliness, email captures and tools to accept payment and/or schedule appointments. For social media accounts, make sure your posting regularly and have quality content. Your customers are watching you and your online presence is who you are to this new customer. They will make entire decisions and form complete opinions about your business based solely on what they see online. None of us can afford to neglect our online presence- especially now.

Is your business ready for the post Covid-19 E-Commerce era? Give yourself an online audit with this FREE download!  

Is your business ready for the post Covid-19 E-Commerce era? Give yourself an online audit with this FREE download!  

Prep The Team
They’ve been out of work for a while and they’re eagerly ready to get back to work, right? Well, we hope. And if they are ready to get back to work, are they really ready to get back to work? As you may already know, with a lot of time off and away from the normal company culture, employees can sometimes become a little sluggish.

If your staff has been off during the Covid-19 crisis, it’s important to reestablish that team comradery along with reintroducing company policy and any new post Covid-19 policies. Start things off slow and as everyone gets comfortable begin establishing new company goals and getting your team motivated. Let them know you’re all in this together, and although it may be a tough road ahead, the future of your business and their career is bright. 

Plan The Future
Last and definitely not least, plan for the future. Take a good hard look at your business as a whole and evaluate any problems the shutdown may have caused or opportunities it may have created. From there, put together a well diversified plan to ensure you and your business have a sense of security as you move forward. Below are some simple questions to help you better prepare for the future.

-How will you manage if you have to temporarily close in the future?

-How long will this management plan be sustainable?

-How would your business manage if you had to step away for a period of time?

-If any of your suppliers (or outside businesses you rely on) were to close, how would you move forward?

-Is there any technology you're not currently using that could help you manage your business?

-Is there any technology you could use to help grow your business and sales?

Whatever the plan you put together may be, use this pandemic as a way to get stronger. Make sure that you don’t just survive post Covid-19, but you thrive.